Kishi Bashi "Bright Whites" Video Riddle

There are over 50 common idioms that manifest themselves throughout the video. For example at 2:51 into the video is "Break a Leg". See if you can find the other idioms in the video and solve the riddle.

There's a contest!
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Directed by: Brett Vaughn
Co-DP/first AD: Bryan Redding
Producer: Danielle Robarge
Written by: Brett Vaughn and Bryan Redding

Love Birds:
Kishi Bashi, Victoria Kroell

Evil Cat:
Stan Mullins

Ticket Booth Operator:
Brian Dinizio

Main Holligans:
Dottie Alexander
Nicholas Gould
Bryan Poole

Auxiliary Hooligans:
Misty Sue Dennis
James Huggins III
David Barnes
Michael Wheeler
Bato Veljkov
Nikki Martin

Lighting: Matt Evans
Lead Makeup Artist: Elizabeth Elliott O'Shaughnessy
Costume Designer: Rawan Rihani
Makeup Artist: Tylar Carver
Bato Veljkov
Props: Renee Hodnett
Charlotte Lee

Rigging by Andy Rusk

Stunt Team:
Marcelle Coletti
Mike Vanhassel
Patric Ryan

Dan Jordon
Brad Rosson
Kimberly Drew

Flying scene starscape footage by Mark Magnarella
Fire basket GFX by Nathan Walters

Puzzle by Clayton "Riddle Finger" Rychlik

Special Thanks to:
Troy Faruk
Elizabeth Davidovich
Philip Dido
Connor Pannell
Victoria K. Warren
Tom Pritchard
Douglas Gillespie
Steven Gillespie
Alex Zacharias
Bryan Dubay
Bill Benson
Emily Poole
Colleen Strzelewicz

Big Thanks to Agora / Airee Hong Edwards,
Athens Habitat for Humanity

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