This is new concept Audio-Visual Sequencer that has no TimeLine.
I am developing the multi touch panel of a new method which use IR Line(Fan) Laser module.
However, it is imperfect. :-)

- Rules of Castalian-
1."Circle" contains a Movie (sound).
2.It becomes small child if other "Circle" are brought close to the circumference of "Parent Circle" and it connects.
(Unite with the direction of 8 directions or 6. )
3.The child"Circle" is started when parent"Circle" rotate and it passes in the child.
4.The rotation speed of "Circle", the volume, and the position of the head can be adjusted by operating three horizontal sticks
displayed below when "Circle" is chosen.
5.If key word is entered into the search box on the
left side, the list of video(Circle) is displayed by Youtube.
6.Unnecessary "Circle" can be thrown out right side.
It is a test this time for the use only of one laser (It experimented on the touch panel that used two lasers in February this year last time. )

This system is running in FlashPlayer(ActionScript3).

Please point it out if an English usage is wrong :-)

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