This presentation was given at the 2012 Healthcare Experience Design Conference:
The slideshare presentation is also available:

Government decision-makers in growth markets such as India face many competing needs as they seek to develop 21st century healthcare systems that can most efficiently alleviate barriers to patient access. The decision to build a new hospital must factor in many criteria, such as cost, location, services offered, technicians required, reliable energy, and access to clean water. In addition, the return on investment must be quantified as the long-term health and economic benefits realized by citizens in the region.

SimIndia is a new software program developed by GE Healthcare and Mad*Pow that combines game design with real-world data in order to simplify complex information and assist the decision-making process that guides investments in healthcare infrastructure. SimIndia integrates multiple, real-world data sets with advanced computer simulation modeling beneath an interface designed to make the user’s experience intuitive and insightful.

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