A Performance Prayer by diwang ilaw

April 3, 2009
Galapagos Art Space
16 Main St. DUMBO. Brooklyn


Visuals by Doug O'Neil

Martibel Payano
Rajeeyah Finnie
Sri Kala Chandra Das
Jason Noel
Philippe Javier Garcesto

The Spiral Dream
By Philippe Javier Garcesto

I believe in Love that lasts a thousand years till infinity
I am you and you are me
It’s okay to disagree
As long as you never forget our history
Imprints from the heavens this Spiral Phyllotaxy
Spiritual energy forged into Material solidity

The Spiral Dream of Spiral Beings
Be One with the Sun for you are all Stars – Bituin
The sensation of touch engraved with fingerprints of the Divine Code
As the leaves whisper their healing secrets revealed
Let us communicate with nature activating our Sage Mode
Open up your heart and experience the holistic perspective
The tops of trees buried in Father Sky
The roots of trees reaching for Mother Earth
Branching out Spirals sequenced by Fibonacci
This as Above as Below philosophy captured in our brain chemistry
Electrical impulses like the arms of a Spiral Galaxy


Behold you Luminous Beings
Residing within our Clay Bodies
Rough and Eroded by
Life’s Tumultuous Waves
As we Kiss
Bathe in the Aurora


Love is the resonance within our Hollows
These Frames of Skin, Bone, and Muscle
Something biological this realm of the Animal
Magnetism connecting us to the realm of the Devas
This little light of mine I’m gonna let it shine
This Atman your essence is brighter than 10,000 Suns
This Spirit exists even if you chose not to believe in it
Dahil lingue bawal salitat
Because language can never express
Pagmamahal! nais kong mabuhay
Love! I yearn to be alive
Riding the waves of the moment
The past and the future is all peripheral in my vision
I’ll tell you the scope of my Revolution

Because the Spiral is celebrated in every culture as a symbol of Wisdom
The Ancients knew of our ethereal connection
Preserved and Collected in each Indigenous Spiritual Tradition
Culturally homogenized in only 5 major denominations
Each fighting for custody of the soul
Like Children stomping on Legos
But these building blocks can show us how to work together
Because we are a Symbolic Species the Homo Sapiens Sapiens
Become Symbol Literate to notice some pecularities
Within our cities these Paragons of Power
Count the number of symbols harnessing the astrological and mythological
Subtle frequencies most intuitively attuned to activating our subconscious
Be aware You Might Be Ensnared
Life is that way you fall into a routine to survive and provide
But it is to Love that I am bound
I was lost and now am found
Planting the seed in the soil
Growing the mind is worth the toil


My body is a flux capacitor
A space-time-dimensional transmitter
Powered with gigavolts of energy from the Forge of Hephaestus
Positively affecting the Quantum Stream
This Is My Meme
Revival of the Babaylan Culture my Phoenix Lazarus Resurrection


Teach us to remember the forgotten knowledge
We were all born to fly
Encased in the power of light
DNA Spiral Helix power of evolutionary might
This is the story of how humanity took Flight

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