Paul Pigat is one of the greatest guitar players we have ever met. Though you would never hear it from him, his clean country finger picking style is unparalleled on the West Coast and potentially in the whole country. He keeps things simple on this moody version of Johnny Cash's celebrated song 'Ring of Fire'.

Paul wrote this version on stage at the old Vancouver Silvertone pub on September 12th 2003. This day is significant as it was the day that Johnny Cash died. John R.Cash was credited as co-writing the song with his wife June Carter Cash. June wrote most of the song primarily as a love song, depicting the struggles of falling in love with someone battling drug, and alcohol addiction.
It is risky business covering a classic song and changing part of the structure or melody, however if anyone can get away with it, Paul can. You could say that he really nailed it out of the park, I believe that Johnny himself would have enjoyed him playing it. Paul has been busy these days gigging with his country rockabilly trio Cousin Harley among other acts.
The guitar played in this video is a 1964 Guild M20, he purchased the guitar in Victoria years ago, and has since put a lot of work into it. There were holes in the body and cracks in the wood and finish, he replaced the frets, patched the wood, and re-finished the body. As you can see it plays and sounds great. 'Ring of Fire' will be released on Paul's upcoming recording project with his group Boxcar Campfire.
Performance: Paul Pigat
Recording: Peki Hajdukovic
PA: Anthony Ellendt
Video: Anchor Guitar Studio

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