I’ve been a QI fan for years but I have never liked the opening credits: they just don’t do the programme justice in my opinion.

Whenever I see them I get a mighty urge to redo them differently.

I finally gave in over the Easter Break and made a little version of my own. Here are some 'quite interesting' facts about this sequence:

- This sequence is in no way connected with QI, its creators or producers. Or the BBC. It's just a fan-made non-profit piece.

- The stage where the objects stand is based on the backdrop prop behind Stephen Fry on the TV series.

- The colours are based on the same object: purple, yellow, black and white.

- The engraved look is intended to reflect illustrations you frequently find in encyclopaedias.

- The floating characters are taken from the Rosetta Stone, Greek and Egyptian letters, Astrology symbols and numbers.

- The wings of the butterfly are a handwritten page by William Shakespeare.

- Some of the engravings are of Victorian origin, from the Dover collection, others are copyright free images turned into engravings.

- The sequence was created in roughly 3 days during the Easter holidays.

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