This is an unofficial video, and one creative element in the overall Resurrection Sunday service composed of many different elements.

This video concluded each of our Easter services to follow our theme of Unstoppable Love, as the band played the music live as the video played in the background.

When people entered for services they were handed keychain LED lights. At the end of the video, the choir remained accapella and the whole room of 1,200 people each service brought out their flashlights and waved them around as the band sang "Come let it shine". It was a sight to behold.

The video features areas of our city, Riverside, and stars all members of our church community. It is a bit of a "love letter" to our members and city, and a reminder to always remain the light in the darkness.

“Let it Shine”
All Sons & Daughters

Available on “Season one”
from integrity music, [c][p] 2011,2012

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