Society has a responsibility to explore. We once were excited about the unknown, relishing every opportunity to turn a new corner, eager to see what lay ahead on the horizon. We've orbited the Earth, walked on the moon and used great machines to see into the far expanses of the Universe. There is so much left to be learned.

NASA has been facing massive bugget cuts over the past ten years. Visit to tell Congress that you want more money to be diverted to the program.
AD: Lauren Geschke |
CW: Nickolaus Sugai |
Music: Broken Dreams by UNKLE
Footage: CASSINI MISSION: | Lifetime Collective FM: Tree of Life (Terrance Malick): Bluebird: The Expanding Universe: v=LsPqeS5I_QM&feature=related Pathfinder: feature=player_detailpage&v=BZpSS4ALKd4 Civil Rights Heroes: v=eZhFKV4Q40U&feature=related Right Here All Over: Where Do We Go From Here?: Wet on Wet: Blast From The Past: Shuttle Through The Decades: HD: M A U S I - sol: PHANTOM WATER EDIT: Aquadettes: Curl Curl: Portland Timbers Season Opener: Inti-Nan: NPR

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