*Official Entry to the 2012 Asia-Europe Foundation Short Film Competition*

Football is the best representation of the relationship between Asia & Europe. European countries like Spain, Germany, England and France lead the sport, however, Asian Countries such as Japan, China and South Korea are starting to become household names with regards to the Sport.

One's national team struggling to reach the heights of being the best in the sport shows how its country's ideals towards moving towards the future, creating healthy competitiveness as well as friendly relationships between countries towards one goal...the love of Football.

Directed by: Nikki Del Carmen
Cinematography by: Nikki Del Carmen
Written by: Nikki Del Carmen & Mia Marci
Voice Over by: Ebong Joson
Music by: Pirate Underwear

Featuring: Loyola Meralco Sparks FC & Philippine Navy Red FC

Special Thanks to:
The Philippine United Football League
Mr. Bob Guerrero

Produced by: Takoyaki Films

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