Steve Klabnik delivers a talk relating Hypermedia APIs, the topic of his forthcoming book, Designing Hypermedia APIs (

From the site:

"Every web service needs a killer API to interact with numerous clients and other web services. Users expect the applications they use to work together in interesting and fresh ways; the programmable web has created interesting experiences that the originators of services would have never concieved.

"Hypermedia and RESTful principles drive the largest distributed application ever: the world wide web. The web operates at massive scale and has been in production for over two decades.

"So why wouldn't you use this technology to power your web service?"

This was recorded April 5, 2012 at Vivísimo in Pittsburgh, Pa. at the Pittsburgh Ruby Brigade, a language-specific user group. See for more information.

A higher resolution/quality version is available. Just contact me @colindean.

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