The Beauty Way is a documentary that highlights the co-creation and collaboration of communal living. It showcases the lifestyle of a farm community that lives together on land and shares their lives with one another.

Each day the residents take turns preparing dinner and handling the farm chores. The community also gathers once a week to work collaboratively as a team to care for the land and harvest the garden.

All members of the community gather bi-weekly to sit in circle with one another. In a ceremonial way, they hold council. They pass a talking piece around the circle and each person is invited to share and listen from the heart. This is a space for people to express themselves and share what is going on for them in their individual lives. This is also the space where they make decisions regarding the community and discuss any conflicts that may arise.

Although there is one person who owns the title to the land, the community is self-governing by consensus and/ or majority rule. They vote on an issue by flashing thumbs up or thumbs down, or thumb to the middle if they need more information to make a final decision.

The residents tend to be very grounded, living in right relation with the environment, planting organic food and honoring and respecting each other and their Mother Earth. They are conscious beings on the path of health, transformation and awakening. Most love the idea of traveling and learning with different communities, bringing the knowledge gathered back and enriching their system.

During the period of shooting and editing I gathered a lot of knowledge from them. I felt really honored to see them opening their lives and allowing me to document this lifestyle that flows with such beauty and grace. I was able to see that we will always encounter challenges between human beings in our everyday lives but with good communication skills and mutual respect, everything can be resolved.
In response to some lack of journalistic information, it was of vital importance for the community that their anonymity would be maintained in the video.

Special thanks to Udiyana Bandha for licensing us their songs. This talented band is from Brazil and has played 3 times in the town in which the film was made.

Also Lizzy Ziogas for reciting and singing the Beauty Way poem and song, which come from a native american traditional ceremony.

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