We couldn't have asked for a better weekend! There was fresh snowfall the day before while we were in Reno (vimeo.com/40039335). I loved this location way better than going to Soda Springs (vimeo.com/37165983). 1st of all, it was less expensive since we just had to pay for a parking pass. Second it was a more relaxing. There was some time where I just stared at the clouds while the kids played in the snow.

The most important thing is that we were able to have fun and spend time with our families.

I decided to give it a Super 8mm look because I was inspired by the old home movies since those early adopters were probably film enthusiasts. The photographers would edit their film where it had a beginning, middle, and end; then they would show it to family and friends. I want to cherish these times like they did.

Music by Matt Pond PA. It is appropriately called "Snow Day"

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