Nechkino is a nice ski resort in the middle of Udmurt Republic, about 50 km from Izhevsk. Izhevsk is the capital of Udmurt Republic; also you can know it like a hometown of noted gunsmith Kalashnikov.
It’s easy to reach from Moscow in 1.5 hour by plane or in 13 hours by train.
Sport and Tourist Center- is a modern year-round resort located at the beautiful place surrounded by forests on the banks of the river Kama. It’s a resort with a European-level infrastructure.
There are 10 ski tracks of various degree of complexity with difference of heights to 115 meters, longest of which – more than 1,2 km. Also we have a Snowboard Park. Nechkino is equipped with the advanced lifts, including four-seater chair lift.
Three years ago we started to set up the Snowboard Competitions to get a one TTR star. Those actions have united the best Russian snowboarders and free ski riders. All of this was accompanied by a concert and DJs sets, and evening has ended with amazing fireworks. In 2009 the competition passed in Snowboard Park, and in 2011 we prepared a special ski track with different springboards.
Thereby in 2009 the status of the competition has a one star, in 2011 it was a two stars event, so now we are going to organize one more TTR competition and make this action our annual tradition.

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