Minivegas & rehabstudio partnered with Carmichael Lynch to design and produced an epic and innovative digital campaign for the all new Subaru Impreza.

While Subaru sales have been progressively climbing over the past few years, the Subaru Impreza remains largely unknown in the United States. An important entry vehicle into the brand, Subaru had to plant the Impreza firmly in the minds of prospective buyers as a car they can love now, and long into the future.

We would get people thinking about a car they can love, by getting them talking about the one car they have loved: Their first car.

To do so, we created a website that animated people’s first car stories in a matter of seconds so they can share it via Facebook, and email. People were notified if a friend mentioned them in a story, and were invited animate and share one of their own, spreading the campaign exponentially through social networks.

Over 18,000 story submissions

More than 500,000 site visits

Conversion rate to tell a story is 1.5% (we forecasted 1%)

Average site engagement 4.5 minutes, and watching at least 2 complete stories

Two-thirds of all stories get shared and 73% of videos get watched completely

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