We asked singer/guitarist NIKKI SCHULTZ if she might consider arranging a cover of John Fogerty's heartland jock anthem "Centerfield" -- and the resultant murder ballad recreation stunned the audience into awestruck silence.

Learn more about Nikki's new band, The Discord Syndicate, here: FACEBOOK.COM/DISCORDSYNDICATE

Salon Saloon
Combining the best and worst elements of chat show, variety program and artist talk, Salon Saloon is a live-action arts magazine that invites local artists, designers, musicians and creative workers to the stage of the Bryant-Lake Bowl in Minneapolis every month for informal, far-ranging explorations of a specific topic.

The Baseball Show
On October 26, 2010, that topic was baseball. The Twins' playoff dreams had been dashed three weeks earlier by the hated Yankees, and that Tuesday night there was a gross, slushy thunderstorm -- all assembled were in a dour mood. But our five guests spoke with such wit, thoughtfulness and enthusiasm on this rich and multifaceted subject that by the end of the night, everyone in attendance was as punchy as if it were Opening Day.

Created with support from MNARTISTS.ORG
To learn more, visit SALONSALOON.INFO

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