In collaboration with Heima, Soleil Ignacio and Tokwa Penaflorida's two-man show entitled, “Hello Sailor”, is an exhibit of watercolor works on paper. The artworks revolve around representations of water-dwelling creatures—mermaids, sirens, water nymphs with flowing locks amongst lithe bodies, and gazes that are transformed and transfixing—all paradoxical depictions of agelessness and beauty. Revisiting old tales of desire and seduction, dreams of the conquests of men at sea, their inevitable longing for temptresses are delicately captured in these pallid and frail wraiths.

Video by Teaser video for Tokwa Penaflorida & Soleil Ignacio's collaboration for their Hello Sailor exhibit at Heima Cubao X on April 14, 2012

Video: Fold Canela
Assisted by: Eldzs Mejia and Chi Jihan
Music: Tarsius featuring Slow Hello, Similar Objects alphawave remix of Chosen Few. To be released on vinyl via Primate, the debut album of Tarsius under Number Line Records

Thursday Room April 2012

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