3D Modelling Show-reel

Movies I worked on are:

- Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows 1 - I modeled: 3 brothers and 5 wizards

- The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader - modeled 16 Dufflepuds faces with the same topology

- X-Men: First Class - I worked on Cerebro room and doubles for USSR army and civilians

- Avatar - I worked on four environments , mainly human base. I modelled: OPC Centre, Refinery, AMPSuitDockStations, Shuttle interior,and human digital doubles for close and middle distance with variations

- Despereaux - I was working almost a year for this movie modeled: Story book sequence, Mouse school interior and exterior, Mig's room, Farm, Hovice layer and Rat world. For the Story book I modeled 8 good knights with blend shapes, 5 bad knights, the family, the princess, and some of the environment for Story book sequence on The Tale of Despereaux

- Golden compass - I modeled different environments like this ice cliff for Golden compass

- G.I.Joe - I modeled: the aircraft carrier, all digital double and vehicles and small props on the aircraft carrier and silo missiles

- Triangle - I modelled the liner and yacht for various shots and set extensions

- Sweeney Todd - I modeled some of the buildings for Sweeney Todd.

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