"An Army Of Crystallized Thoughts" is a 4-minute short film made by Director Cesar Pesquera in collaboration with New York vintage design shop Antoinette, where classic vintage pieces have been revamped to educe modern grace from veteran fabrics.

Intended as an experimental expose on the power of mind over matter, this piece uses telekinetics to tell the story of a woman (Daryna Aslanova) dressed in vintage garments and styled with a modern point of elegance. The timelessness of her beauty, shot amid ethereal imagery of Manhattan and Brooklyn, provoke a sullen sense of purpose and connection between the physical and the metaphysical, the temporal and eternal.

Pesquera's film blends classic content with 3-dimensional geometric imagery to provide viewers with a curious apprehension of timelessness and awakening. The film was spearheaded and produced by Jack Becht of New York-based production company TOP DOWN NYC. Post production and 3-D animation were provided by Barcelona-based studio ACTOP.

Filmed on location in Williamsburg, Brooklyn [New York City].

Director: César Pesquera
Production Company: Top Down NYC & Actop
DP: Jose Luis Bernal
Model: Daryna Aslanova
Assistant Director: Jack Becht
Stylist: Sophie C'est La Vie
Costume Coordinator: Lexi Oliveri
Make Up & Hair: Ann Marie Lusby
Editor: César Pesquera
Postproduction: Actop
3D artist: Iria Rodriguez
Original Music: Portabot


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