Characters in Order of Appearance
MIAO MIAO - Chinese choreographer living in Cincinnati.
TINA TAVERS - Showbiz host of "Tea Time with Tina Tavers" in Playa del Rey, CA.
LANA DEL REY - Appears on "Tea Time with Tina Tavers."
ANGELINA JOLIE - Appears on "Tea Time with Tina Tavers."
MAYBELLINE WHITE - West Virginian.
SOFA - Older Russian lady with hoarding problem.
NATALIE PORTMAN - I love you, Natalie Portman.
EVELYN WORCHESTSHIREMANLEY - Professional voice actor from England helps Tamara Weg with outgoing voicemail.
LEE DINGLEY - Paranoid Australian teen recently adopted by American family.
RUSSELL BRAND - Awkwardly leaves a voicemail for Tamara Weg. It was not his fault.

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