Produced by Chris O'Reilly/Melody Sylvester/Nathalie Le Buerre/Nexus Productions
Music - Brains and Hunch
Written and Directed by Jim Le Fevre

Melody and I had the most hysterical (sometimes manically) and fun time creating this film for Michaella and the folks at the media arm of Autostadt, a truly amazing 'theme park' in Wolfsburg, Germany, curated by VW.

Essentially they had a 16 x 9 meter screen in their car park and they wanted a bespoke film to be used on that showing all the wonderful attractions there and it was pretty much up to me and Nexus to take it from there.

We had some pretty awesome ideas at the start with Chris and Melody, involving a live 24/7 living model version of the park being filmed and projected but it all got scaled down and the next idea was a pretty and stylised version which ended up with Melody and I essentially being accused of racism.

Finally, after a really nice weekend there with Ben and Sarah Cowell-Thomas (Sarah is a whizz at strategy and thought, something that not having an advertising agency was lacking in the process, and Ben is (was - boo) head of 3D at Nexus) I wrote something 3D, charming and straight and this is the end result.

Tom and Chris from Brains and Hunch did a truly excellent job with the music and sound, I simply love the track, especially its final moments as it slides into a beautiful plateau as the family get their car and leave the park.

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