(Panafilms/2004/104 mins)
English w/ English subtitles

This feature-length documentary is a comprehensive audio-visual investigation into the events surrounding the 2002 coup d'état in Venezuela.

The whole world knew that on the 11 of April, 2002, in Venezuela, there occurred a massacre. The whole world condemned the deaths of so many humans. Several people that were filmed shooting from a bridge in Caracas were shown as the culprits of the massacre that caused 19 fatal deaths. This information went around the world. But together with the deaths and injuries from that day, there was another victim: The truth. This documentary shows images, testimony, and key historical facts hidden by many mainstream media about the massacre at Llaguno Bridge.

Direction and Script: Angel Palacios. General Production: Panafilms. Executive Production: ANMCLA. Production: G.Luis Serrano. Computer Graphics: Douglas Aponte. Audio and Video Post-Production: Andrés Petit, Carlos Yegres, Miguel Arias, Edgar Torres. Cameras: José L.Saldivia, Gabriela Fuentes, Víctor Gozón, Cèsar Rico. Music: Gilberto Simoza, Mary Pili Hernández

The English translation and voice-over of Llaguno Bridge was done by Estreito Meios co-founder Michael Fox, who is authorized to promote and distribute the movie online and in DVD.

For the full length original Spanish version of this film:

For more information contact estreitomeio@gmail.com

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