Middleway has been wondering why it has been so difficult to get the 3 Problems resolved. He realized that the message needs to be made as simple as possible, so:
Instead of 3 Problems, let us focus on the most important one… Stop Financial Piracy. The Day 6 and 7 Talks are about stopping financial piracy.
We need to Define Piracy… a Pirate is a person who acquires and keeps more than $1 million per year. Please remember that $1 million per year is like getting paid $500 per hour or $80,000 per month, which should be enough for anyone.
We need to Implement a Worldwide Anti-piracy Law that puts a ceiling on how much money a person can keep in a year. Piracy began when wealth could be hoarded in treasure chests. Once money could be collected electronically, the size of wealth shrunk from gold coins, to paper, to digital bits, allowing pirates to amass billions of dollars. Currently, we have over 1200 billionaires who represent the unlimited greed of piracy. Only a Worldwide Anti-Piracy Law will prevent piracy from increasing. 

Here are a few things Middleway has found out over the first 100 days of 2012:

The reason people don't understand big numbers like a billion is because of the spelling (million, billion, just a b) or writing (1000000, 1000000000, just 3 0s). Graphically is the best way to make it clear. If we take a one-foot ruler and say that 1 inch represents $80,000, 1 foot would represent about $1 million...what most dream of having. If 1 foot represents $1 million, $1 billion is almost as high as the Empire State Building, an obscene amount of money for one person. Many billionaires could spend $1million every day and would die before they could spend it all. To experience being a billionaire, try standing on the top of the Empire State Building and imagine what people look like on the ground below... smaller than ants.

Since piracy has been going on for over 5000 years, humans have come to think of piracy as an innate human quality, accepting the good with the bad. This is the reason that both the peasants and pirates have difficulty accepting that our world is being run by pirates. Every human problem in the world can be attributed, either directly or indirectly, to pirates who rake in millions or billions a year. Every war, every recession, expensive healthcare, lack of jobs, huge deficits, environment degradation, corrupt politicians, and even over population can all be attributed to pirates.

To be fair, we have had tremendous numbers of advancements that can also be attributed to Pirate Rules and piracy. Middleway contends that a Worldwide Anti-piracy Law would create even more advancements, because 99% more people will be able to contribute toward future innovations.

Consciousness has achieved a level of being able to recognize that we are currently operating under "Pirate Rules" and that we can change the game to "Earth Rules" with a simple Worldwide Anti-Piracy Law. 5000 years ago, we did not have the level of consciousness to be able to operate successfully under "Earth Rules". Now it is possible because we understand psychology, sociology, history and science, in order to be able to live peacefully and sustainably. The question is, "Have enough humans attained the level of consciousness in order to stop Piracy?" or "Will humans continue to ride on a train driven by Pirates and heading toward one disaster after another?"
The choice is in our hands.

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