I had several people ask me what I did and here is whats up. This is a glimpse into the process of how I made Escape, not exactly how I made mine but very similar, obviously there are many ways this is customizable.

****To help you speed your render times since I have received a lot of questions about how it slowing down systems, here is an example scene using hair instead of sweep nurbs and geometry.

Xpresso knowledge
Ubertracer (genemagtoto.com/c4dplugins/)

Original work: vimeo.com/40054052
Tutorial Part 2 (Compositing): vimeo.com/40173697
Final Export: vimeo.com/40173698

First stab at a tutorial, I apologize if I loose some of you guys anywhere or its hard to see what I am doing. Feel free to message me and Ill hook you up. Download and share, if you want a look at the Xpresso laid out check the photos section.


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