We took to the porch in the backyard with the tin roof and freshly trimmed grass. We had our location for the shoot but first thing was first, "let's grab some beers, what do you guys want?" shouted someone and before I knew it we were all cracking open a few before the songs started. It seemed more like a party than a music video shoot but that's the essence of Mockingbird Loyals: They like to have fun, but when it's time to play you can tell immediately that the music is finely crafted to be something beautiful but impassioned at the same time. With a mixture of punk rock and folk tunes this quartet of musicians from all around the country met in Texas and here they were in a backyard in Austin on a porch with a tin roof, drinking beers and playing music.

I'm not sure what town they're all singing about in 'Trashing the Home Town' since they all grew up far from each other and seemed to collectively move around quite a bit as kids but I know two things for sure, one, the town spoken of sounds beautiful especially with the help from Mary Beth's haunting howls on cello and the sweet southern harmonies of Liz Gilbert and two, that town sure as hell doesn't want them back.

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Shot on a Canon 60D in East Austin, Texas. Graded in Final Cut Pro.

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