As part of campaign “Be Efficient, Save Energy” that promotes efficient use of energy, we have made this conscience-inspiring animation we really enjoyed working on. We intended to create universal message for anyone to understand and absorb some of these energy awareness ideas. The goal was to send a strong message that affects us all and wrap it inside beautiful illustrations that everyone would love. So, watch it, share it, like it because future is not so bright when you don’t take care of it! :)

Client: IEEE
Production Company: Glossyrey
Producer: Bojan Trobok
Executive Producer: Milos Martinov
Story Concept: Milos Martinov
Direction: Nemanja Zivkovic
Direction: Stanko Stupar
Ilustration: Stanko Stupar
Animation: Stanko Stupar
Rigging: Nemanja Zivkovic
Sound Design: Milos Martinov
Music: Rajko Stupar
Voice: Kristina Ivsic

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