Music: The Daily Match by M83

00:05 AMOS LEE Stop-motion Music Video " FLOWER", Produced at kneeon, 2011 (Set Designer)
00:07 Personal Short Film "ROUE", 2009 (Direction, Design, Animation)
00:10 Suspect LOGO Animation, Produced at Suspect, 2011 (Direction, Design, Animation)
00:13 Levis Waterless Stop-motion, Produced at Mssng Peces, 2010 (Lead Animator, Designer)
00:19, 00:29, 00:38 Princess Katie Racier Steve Music Video, Produced at Newspeak, 2011 (Design, Illustration, Animation)
00:21, 00:33 Short Animation for Taiwanese Movie "Flying Dragon, Dancing Phoenix", Directed by Keng-Ming Liu, 2011 (Cel Animation)
00:24 GEL Conference 2011, Produced at Thormberg & Forester, 2011 (Cel Animation)
00:25 Andrew Belle Music Video "THE LADDER", Directed by Emily Wormley, 2011 (Cel Animation)
00:26 Facebook Marketing Solutions- Huggies, 2011 (Animation Director & Animator)
00:31, 00:44 Facebook Marketing Solutions- Ben & Jerry's, 2012 (Animation Director, Animator & Puppet Designer)
00:35 Starbucks Fashion Week Video, Produced at Suspect, 2011 (Animation)
00:49, 00:54 Facebook Marketing Solutions- 1800Flowers, 2011 (Animation Director, Animator)
00:51 Punchcast Introduction Video, Produced at Mango Studio, 2011 (Illustrator)
00:57 Short Film"Leaking, Inbetween", Directed by Shih-Heng Haung, 2010 (Puppet Design, Stop-motion Animatoin)
00:59 IdN Magazine 100's, Directed by Hoon Chong & Keng-Ming Liu, 2010 (Cel Animation)
01:01 Personal Project "Rabbit Bikers", 2010 (Design, Animation)
01:02 Personal Project "Self Protrait", 2010 (Design, Animaiton)
01:04 Music Video "Happy Paradise", Deriected by Keng-Ming Liu, 2011 (Set designer, Animator)

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