TAV builds airports in several countries on a turn-key basis, from financing to operation. They asked us to help them create three individual films to introduce themselves to potential customers, create awareness, and promote their corporation.

As the project began, we created different concepts for each film, however, our focus remained the same; people were familiar with THY, Lufthansa and American Airlines but they didn’t know enough about TAV or exactly what they do.

TAV is actually the invisible power behind the scenes. With this in mind, we aimed to make this invisible power visible, noticeable and appreciated through every idea we created.

The main idea for the TAV Holding Film was to explain the 360 degree service that TAV provides at the airports as a “One Stop Shop”, from design stage to architecture and finance, from finance to construction and operation.

To highlight the knowledge and expertise needed in the process, we placed this huge sophisticated structure on a table and made the people around it stand out. In this way, we emphasized that building airports is a simple process for TAV while underlining the knowledge and experience of their people.

What We Did

Production / Direction
Creative Direction
Scenario / Script
Concept / Design
Post- Production


Client: TAV Airports

Creative Director: Salim Cagri Oztoksoy
Producer: Hilal Aktas
Director: Emir Khalilzadeh
Post-Production Supervisor: Alvaro Rego

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