Lean back, fasten your seat belts and enjoy a 45 second edit of the latest projects I've been involved in. The reel consists of commercial and personal/university projects as well. My role in most of the projects was in the fields of design, 3D modelling and animation and 2D animation.

For a detailed overview and infomation on the single projects check out my portfolio roschroom.com
or drop me a line via hello@roschroom.com


00:02 RED BULL BC ONE – design, styleframe, 3D modeling, animation
00:04 VORWERK – 3D modeling (houses), building animation
00:07 CHRONOS – idea, design, 3D modeling, texturing, rendering (environments)
00:10 PICTOPLASMA – 3D modeling (vehicles, train, environent details)
00:12 DETEKTOR.FM – idea, design, 2D Animation
00:14 DETEKTOR – idea, design, 3D modeling, lighting, rendering, compositing
00:16 PICTOPLASMA – 3D modeling
00:17 TRIPOD – idea, design, 3D modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, rendering, compositing
00:18 VORWERK – design, 3D modeling (houses, cathedral), 3D building animation
00:21 MTV GROUPHUG – 3D modeling and animation of grass/blossoms, secondary 2D animations
00:23 BBQ ILLU – idea, 3D modeling, lighting, rendering, compositing, 2D overpaint
00:25 RED BULL BC ONE – design (environment), styleframe, 3D modeling
00:29 VORWERK – 3D modeling (houses)
00:29 A TYPEFACE – idea, storyboard, styleframes, 3D modeling, 3D animation
00:30 PAPPE SATT – idea, set design, set construction, direction, camera
00:31 MISERIOR – 2D stopmotion animation
00:33 VORWERK – 3D modeling (crane/robot), 3D animation, 2D secondary animation (lights)
00:34 VORWERK – design (vehicles, construction site, billboard-screens), 3D modeling (vehicles, cranes, construction site), 2D animation (news-screen)
00:38 RED BULL BC ONE – design (arena) styleframe, 3D secondary animations
00:40 MTV GROUPHUG – 3D modeling/fur (red character), 3D/2D animation of blossoms/particles
00:42 RED BULL BC ONE – design, 3D modeling/texturing (trophy)
00:43 RED BULL BC ONE – design/styleframe (environments, trophy), 3D modeling (environments)

I'm looking forward to future collaborations!

Music: »The Bloody Beetroots - Ezekiel eats Red Hoodie«

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