Hello dear :) Happy 2nd anniversary....

It's been 2 years since i got your sweet YES.
and its been 2yrs since we started to realize and do lots of things...
...,we realized that its YOU and Me that is meant to be.
...,we defy distance
...,Embraced our cultral differences.
...,loved each others family

we devour all awesome dishes and so we gained weight
we have lots of awesome adventures from Volcanic Crater to sky high turbulence.
And we've found and fed Nemo in coral garden

though we know that our relationship got lots of ups and down,
we are still here thankful that God as the captain of our journey
never fails to save us from giant waves and take away the fears and doubt caused by the storm.

2 years have passed and lots already have changed. We are getting closer to what God has arranged.
No matter what happen, I'll be a better me. To love you always that is the key.
2,3 or 4 years more we will finally have answer to what many have asked. It may still be a bit too long but time runs so fast.
So lets be thankful as God have made this relationship blessed. All the Glory to Him because he is the best.
This 2nd anniversary lets celebrate and renew our Love, Hope and Faith.

- Liam

Song: New Heights (ft. Clara C) - Take Me On

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