How do you get yourself ready for a golf trip to Scotland. Shoot yourself in super slow mo. My friend and DP Dave Sanders collaborated with me on our little golf test with a pre-production Sony NEX-FS 700.

We shot our spot at 240 fps, where you still get full resolution at 1080P. Set at Cine gamma 1, we used my Digioptical 18-50 T3, and Red 50-150 T3 PL lens with the MTF E mount to PL adapter. All on a Zacuto baseplate, and Chrosziel MB 456 Mattebox, and follow focus. I edited it in FCP 7, and used Magic Bullet Looks 2 to grade. A good chance to see how this codec worked in Looks 2.

We did shoot the CU of the ball at 960 fps, but did do a full swing. Just a tap for "TV", but it still looked real. To see any compression of the ball we would have to shoot at 10 000fps.

The second part are frame rates from 120 fps to 960. You can see the difference after you pass 240. I left these shots ungraded. I think an insert shot at 960 like the CU could work. Used sparingly, for emphasis.

Please be gentle critiquing my swing, unless your a PGA teaching Pro. :)

twitter: @nigelakam

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