House The House Presents:

KEUKEN #2 : The Flavorsome Intimacy
26th of February, 2012, all day long.
Down the Saparua street of Bandung,

KEUKEN is a one-day food festival which addresses the issue of utilizations of city's public spaces through the wisdom of the street-inspired culture. Envisioned to question the role of the public spaces and its honest correlation to the challenges of the better urban living, KEUKEN takes place to give you a lookout to experience urban environment unique by way of celebrating the most exciting practice of everyday life within it, eating.

In this second edition, together with eclectic mix of handpicked chefs, artists, entertainers and variety of emerging food tenants from all over the city, the festival will still serve all the luscious excitements to bring people and the city closer together again. KEUKEN is ecstatic to encourage you to get to the bottom of our urban environment, and reveal the critical notions and range of practices concealed beyond its spectacles, through the foods, feast, and a full on festivity.

Take a stroll, smell the spices, go slow, mouth-shop it,
Reclaim the street, eat!

Collaboration with:
BCCF, EOC MGT, Kodam III Siliwangi.

Supported by:
Teh Kotak, Lee Cooper, Happy Go Lucky Delicacies, Gaza
UNKL 347, Nordhen Basic, Amble, E-Bike, Ina Green Farm, Airplane

Media partner by:
Oz Radio Bandung, Deathrockstar, Fold, Geeks Bible, RAW, Infobdg, Info Bandung,
Suave, Bandung Retweet, Promobdg, Kulinerbdg, Jongarsitek!, SUB

Filmed by:
Maruto Ardi
Indira Larasati
Sarah Soeprapto
Marisca Saviola
Leonard Kawun

Graphic Design by:
Sahid Maulana

Edited by Handhyanto Hardian

Music by:
Mayer Hawthorne - Mr. Blue Sky

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