Short tutorial on the basic assembly of the new Zolinger ZP1500 Jib / camera crane from Zolinger.

The new Zolinger ZP Series Jibs were designed by professionals with professionals in mind. The main focus was to create a jib that is highly mobile and lightweight without sacrificing load capacity and reach. The simple fold-system and tool-free installation enables assembly within seconds. Once assembled, the ZP Series more than triples it's own carrying size. Thanks to the high grade components we were able to create a jib that can carry more than 6 times of it's own weight (6kg/13lb). These factors make the new ZP Series the ideal travel jib for both DSLR's or full size ENG cameras.

The ZP1500 offers a total length of 2,4 meters (8ft) and a carrying size of only 65cm (25”). The total weight is 6kg (13lb) and load capacity is 20kg (45lb).

The new ZP Series features the patented Zolinger folding-system and makes this Jib one of the fastest and most compact systems on the market.

The folding-system allows for an ultra compact and lightweight design.

The installation is completely tool free and takes only seconds to complete. Simply unfold the jib and mount to tripod.

The Jib can be used in two variable shooting lengths with a reach of 100 or 150cm (40/60"). Simply select which bearing to place into the sturdy base.

The ZP Series Jibs are constructed with high-grade magnesium alloy components and can support cameras of up to 10kg (22lb).

For more information about this product and other Zolinger gear, please visit the website of the manufacturer at

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