This was the fifth project I have been set this year and by far the most challenging. The brief I was given was to design, build and animate a Character that can apparently think, decide, pick something up, drop something, walk, climb, trip, slip and fall. At most two characters may be involved in the piece, and the primary focus will be the Character Animation itself. It is suggested than only a limited "set" be designed for the film, as the majority of the artist's time should be spent on the development of the character(s), making them into believable on-screen entities.

At the beginning of the project I found the idea of having to build a character and rig it quite daunting as I thought it would be a major struggle and a very time consuming process. However I did find it quite easy especially the building as I developed my skills dramatically with the software since the beginning of the year. The process was still time consuming but I found this to be a positive aspect of the process as it meant my design would be a perfect as I could make it. One I had designed the character I found the toughest part of the process was the UVW Unwrapping it took me a while to get it done but it all paid off in the end and this was the same for the rigging too.

The next step was to design the environment the character would act in. As the brief suggests, we should stick to a simple environment and focus on the character and so this is what I did, I made a simple room with one window and then used an omni light to add light and shading within my scene. I found this to be effective as it kept all the attention on the character and his actions. Although the storyline wasn’t very strong I think it keeps the audience interested and from the people I have shown the clip to, they have all laughed at the end, which is a good sign for any comedy.

Overall I am pleased with my final outcome and the new skills I have learnt as well as the ones I have developed. I now know how to build, unwrap, rig and animate a character effectively. There as a few changes I would of liked to of changed if I had more time such as the sound’s I have added, although some are very effective, other’s just don’t seem to fit as nicely as I would of liked them to. The overall outcome is something I am pleased with and is an animation I could develop and improve. This particular project is perfect to help me with my future career choice as I character animation is the field I wish to progress into as it excited me the most. I feel like I can now continue to produce more character’s and build a larger portfolio for myself.

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