Frank and the CREC Band performed at the Campus Rec Student Employee Banquet on Thursday, April 12. This video shows the end of the performance, but here are the lyrics to the song for you!

Campus Rec, always people workin' out
Campus Rec, Always gonna help you out.
Well, I'm always glad that Campus Rec is around

Verse 1
Went to Campus Rec to run the track
I went the wrong way and they made me go back

Verse 2
We got Pilates and Yoga too
So many things, well you won't know what to do

Verse 3
Big ol' free weight room, a rock wall to climb
I know our boot camp kicks your butt every time

(Harp and Guitar Solo)

Verse 4
B-ball trophies, hockey, football too
So many teams, you won't know which is for you


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