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Audio sources: Alphaville: Une étrange aventure de Lemmy Caution (Jean-Luc Godard, 1965), Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe (Les Blank, 1980), String Quartet No. 2 (Kronos Quartet Performs Philip Glass, 1995)

Featuring excerpts from:
The Animals (2012, NHQ)
Bien Mur (2010, NHQ)
The Ecstasy of Decay (2011, Order of the Good Death, NHQ)
A Strange and Beautiful Christmas Eve (2010, NHQ)
Skinemax: Women of The Future (2009, NHQ)
Wild Traits in Tame Species (2009, NHQ)
A Girl Named Clyde (2010, NHQ, T. Mowbray Films, Fire Escape Films)
The Jettisoned (2010, Meredith Zielke, Yoni Goldstein, Standing Point Films)
La Curación (2008, Meredith Zielke, Yoni Goldstein, The Quito Film Collective)
Bob's Lake Promo (2011, Boat Safety Films)
By Your Side (2012, Chiddy Bang, Boat Safety Films)
Tricks on Wheels (2011, Haley, Boat Safety Films)
One Happy Camper (2012, Boat Safety Films)
Darryl Tookes (2010, Boat Safety Films)
Tie It Together (2011, Jeff Katz, Professor Dibs)
beSPOKE (2011, Jeff Katz, Holland Cycles)
Make A Difference (2011, Jeff Katz, Planned Parenthood)
Ben Running (2009, Rachel Wolther)
hand developed (2008, Rachel Wolther)
Polaroid Sunset (2009, Susan Yi)
Manifest Equality (2010, Manifest Equality, Postrequisite)
Go Tell Mama! (2010, Postrequisite, MOCRO Productions)

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