A ship wide emergency precipitates a career change for G.I. Joe! (1min. 30sec.)
船に緊急事態がGIのためにキャリア変更を意味しますジョー! これは部分的に本当の話です!
United States Navy histoire partiellement vraie! Fabriqué avec des marionnettes.

This is a work of historical fiction. I learned later that in the event of a collision at sea, our maintenance shop which extended out over the water, would probably be sheered away from the hull of the carrier.
You can visit the U.S.S. Midway in San Diego California! Here is a link to learn more: midway.org/

Tony Pulsone -freelance photographer in Boston (pulsone.photo@gmail.com) ran the hallway set lights and my wife Lori helped too. Andy Panda was super-8 rear projection. A little history: Miss Marshall, a first grade teacher, provided pencils and a reference book during recess and let me sit in her classroom and draw. The book she gave me was by the late great Walter Lantz and Andy Panda was one of his characters. I never got to properly thank her but I will always remember her kindness.

Woods Hole film festival 2003, Official Selection.

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