Style is not just an attitude. Antony Morato produces only 100% Made in Italy genuine footwear made with love and passion by the hands of expert craftsman. Because quality counts. Antony Morato footwear is the result of an on-going style research aimed at
giving you an outstanding design and top quality content. From conception to production every single stage is intended to satisfy the needs of a trend aware contemporary consumer. As we like to walk in your shoes before you can walk into ours.

Antony Morato Footwear is produced in 20 steps:

1) Cutting: leather is cut into single pieces so to compose the upper;
2) Skiving: the edges of each single piece of leather are reduced:
3) Binding: the pieces of leather are folded and sewed;
4) Trimming: the insole’s edges are cut clean;
5) Assembly: the shoe components are joint together;
6) Lastings Assembly;
7) Starching;
8) Polishing: Little imperfections are removed from the shoe;
9) Carding: Leather leftovers get removed so the insole can better stick to the leather;
10) Sole Marking;
11) Sole Gluening: this is the starting phase of the gluening process;
12) Stabilizing Oven: heat increases the shoe capability to stick to the sole;
13) Reactivation: the shoe upper is stuck to the sole;
14) Refrigerant Units: cold increases the glue resistance.
15) Insole marking: the "Antony Morato - Made in Italy" logo is printed on the insole;
16) Sole Insertion;
17) Paper Insertion: paper preserves the shoe shape;
18) Lacing up;
19) Boxing;
20) Shipping: the shoe is ready to be shipped and hit the shelves.

- Production: CDP Studios -
- Soundtrack: Lorenzo - Mad Dub - released by Soupu Music

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