I bought the "The Coveted Mikuni VM30mm Carburetor, Complete Kit" from Dime City Cycles and thought I would help the motorcycle community in showing how I chose to install the carbs myself and create my own throttle cable.

This kit is designed to give you everything you need to install these after market carbs onto your vintage machine. The kit does not come with any instructions, so it takes the confidence of knowing a little bit about motorcycles to get yourself in the right direction with this project.

There are many ways to skin a cat and probably just as many different ways to do this install, but this is just how I chose to do it myself. I am a motorcycle enthusiast that has learned through trial and error, a bunch of reading, and great support from local old timers.

I know parts can sometimes be expensive, but I always felt that I would rather mess up a project and have to buy the parts again if that meant I got a chance to learn something that I will never forget. Everything that I do right today is because I did it wrong at one point in time.

I hope this video helps give you the confidence and guides you in the right direction for your build!

Note: I am not an expert and do not claim to be one. This is my first tutorial video I have ever made and filmed it all by myself as well as did all the editing. There may be some mistakes in the process and in the explanation so I apologize ahead of time. I am open for any suggestions in helping tailor this video to be the best it can be.

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