My brief review of my c300..
I'm loving the form factor, built in ND's, dynamic range, detail and low light of the sensor. Not concerned with the release c500 or the 4k 1d cinema camera. By the time they actually come out I will have paid off the c300.
Another note on the new releases-external recording a pain for 98% of the work I do and I don't need 4K yet.

The only beefs I have with the c300 are... I wish I could assign a single button to change to a preset frame rate/resolution.
Lack of an internal mic for scratch audio/synching. That would help me with keeping things super lightweight for a monitor/xlr free setup using external audio recorders- I do attach a videomic pro to the mic in for a scratch track at the moment.
Also this was an expensive camera.

About this footage...
Jenny (subject and walking partner!)
Handheld footage on a brief 15 min walk.
Single lens Canon 24-105mm f4 IS
C -LOG (cinema lock mode)
I wanted to try a low saturation western feel.
Graded with magic bullet and sharpened with Sony sharpen
Edited MXF files directly in Sony Vegas Pro
The last 3/4 shot at 720 60p, editing on a 24p timeline.

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