The goal of this test is to compare the latitude of these three cameras:
Red Epic, Sony PMW-F3 and Canon C300.

Red Epic recorded RAW on-board in Red Log 4K HD.
Sony PMW-F3 recorded in S-Log both in DPX on Gemini 4:4:4 10 bit and on-board.
Canon C300 recorded in Canon-Log both in DPX on Gemini 4:2:2 8 bit and on-board.

There are four tests:
1) Diffused light, from +3 stops to -5 stops.
2) Varying exposure in relation to indoor, outdoor and medium light.
3) Diffused light at 0 + spot light from 0 to +3 1/2 stops.
4) Sensors' quality test with charts.

Filmed and edited at Bluzz Media Studio (
Red Epic: Matteo Passigato (
Canon C300: Adcom (

(Now there's a new firmware update for the Epic for a better latitude. Please check here:

You can download the Pro Res HQ video here:
The file is huge, about 22 GB, so it's divided in 31 parts.


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