So, Snowkite Soldier, a yearly snowkite poker run and competition in Camas Vally Idaho, was cancelled this year.

But it didn't stop some of us that already had time off, hotel reservations, and for some of us flights too...... from making the treck from both Seattle and Bellingham. About 15 or so of us in all....

We got there Friday morning, and got to ride Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. So it was a great trip all in all.
The riding was pretty stellar, even if the first day was on a sheet of ice.
Still, it was quite beautiful. I hope you see a little of that in this video.

We did have a storm blown in and cover everything with pow on day two.

We also had a good night on the town. Local snowkite tour guide Brad Gordon was kind enough to tell us where to go for the best drinks in town...and like the gentlemen that he is, each day he also kept us informed as to where the best snowkiting was to be found.

This video sucks...I am not an editor by any means, and I only used Windows Movie Maker. This is really my first edited video ever and I was pretty lazy. But hopefully you get to feel a little what it was like there.

Maybe it will inspire you to start kiting through the sport of snowkiting..... Both Cameron and Galloway learned how to snowkite while we were there.

I hope to get a better camera and to start using Adobe Premiere in the future.
Regardless, enjoy.....

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