This is a video about Fight Club. Or maybe a tribute to Fight Club. It's hard to say, the first rule is you do not talk about it.

Fight Club is one of my favorite movies (the book is also good, but in different ways). One of the songs on the soundtrack features Tyler Durden quoting lines from the movie, which seemed to be perfect for a motion graphics piece. As I was just starting to learn Cinema 4D at the time, I decided to do the entire thing in C4D.

I wanted to challenge myself and try to portray the feelings and ideas of the movie/book in an abstract way. I added a bit of kinetic type for emphasis and to break up the stream of imagery. While the song provided the narrative structure, I used screencaps from the movie as a basis for the color pallatte and stylistic aesthetic. Beyond that, I just let my free thinking roam and this is what resulted.

Everything seen originally came from C4D and was composited in After Effects. I wish I could say exactly how many hours I logged just rendering files in C4D, but I'd guess its at least a couple weeks worth. I can say that I have over 24GB of tif files from this project alone.

Above all, I do not own Fight Club, either the book or the movie, nor do I claim any rights to those properties or monetary benefit. I just wanted to make something fun and cool looking.

So enjoy! And remember, the second rule is you do not talk about it.

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