Ikonoskop allowed me the opportunity to test their amazing A-Cam DII in early March 2012. I tested the camera in exterior sunset (which you see here) as well as a controlled interior environment (vimeo.com/40504149). The A-Cam DII is an amazing camera that I love, but the post took us a bit of time to figure out. I finally finished rendering my shots, so here they are!

Director + DP: Jonathan Yi
Starring: Stephanie Farah, James P. Gannon, Joseph K. Gannon
Music: Jon Brion

Camera provided by Ikonoskop (Stockholm, Sweden)
Lenses and support from Abel Cine Tech (New York, USA)
Thanks: Sam Goetz, Peter Gustafsson, Alex Kurze, Lukas Eisenhauer

Camera rated at native 200 ISO with ND1.8 (6 stops of standard film ND filters rather than hot mirror combos).
Foregrounds commonly rated at 1 stop under.
Highlights and flares extremely overexposed to evaluate highlight handling and roll off.
Heavy flares included to show CCD characteristics (as opposed to CMOS) as well as the occasionally visible quadrants of the unique Ikonoskop DII sensor.

Lenses: Zeiss 12mm Super Speed T1.3, Optar Illumina 16mm T1.3, Optar Illumina 50mm T1.3

Cinema DNG files processed through Adobe Lightroom and conformed in Adobe After Effects.
I am not a good colorist and was having a lot of issues with red in the shadows, which I believe are a result of IR contamination from heavy ND filter use (standard NDs, not hot mirrors).

See my controlled interior test alongside Red Scarlet here: vimeo.com/40504149

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