LundXO GoGlobal - is a danish startup - with one sole purpose of hireling small world class teams to change how business is done - in the core sectors of trade. Tradehift was our first startup - but we don't own it - Morten is just the Chairman.

Under the traditional capitalism of the past 600 years, operating as a company with global reach meant becoming a corporate conglomerate of global scale. Long distance transactions meant adopting a long distance, conquistador’s approach to localities as territories to be conquered, and value as something to be extracted.
The Internet has changed all this. Anyone can connect with anyone, anywhere, and a peer-to-peer transaction universe means that instead of fighting a zero-sum war, we get to create and exchange value with and for one another - to a point.
For the world is not generic. Doing business in different regions means navigating different laws, taxes, customs and, most of all, cultures. Contrary to conventional wisdom, social media did not unite the world into a single global culture, but ended up invigorating and reinforcing local realities: Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street, and Foursquare are all regional in spirit.
LundXY GoGlobal gives all businesses the power and reach of a corporate conglomerate without pre-existing presence or capital. It utilizes the p2p bias of the social media to connect businesses to qualified sales partners already living or even operating in the regions they want to reach. Likewise, it gives locally connected distributors the ability to find and connect with international companies seeking affiliation with their community. LundXY GoGlobal coordinates a new kind of global transaction space that creates value through connections.
But more than simply connecting new partners, LundXY GoGlobal is also an enterprise platform that allows businesses to operate on a global scale without actually scaling up in terms of investment, back office, legal staff, tax accountants, and other logistics.
Businesses and individuals use the communication platform to find one another, and are then free to focus on their relationship, collaboration, and sales. LundXO GoGlobal’s robust commerce and etransactions platforms enable an otherwise confoundingly complex international business relationship to proceed as if it were occurring between neighbors.
It turns out we needed more than just the Internet to level the playing field of global commerce. We needed a platform capable of enabling players to go global by going native.

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