Ghettodrome Race (presented by Bikesyndikat, Cologne and Velogne, Cologne):

Survival of the fittest – the Ghettodrom Race is a mix of tactics and pure endurance without any need to study any map or any “stop” and “go” ride - a round course let your pedals spin. Just race.


The round course will be around 2 and 4 km and there is no elimination within the first 5 rounds. After the fifth each round’s last rider need to drop off the race track – until the last 3 men stand. Be sure to check before how many starters will take part and how many rounds will be ridden at least – and don’t ride without using your brain.

If the starters are too many the organisors reserve their decision to let the last two riders drop off.

Please show respect to everybody that will attend the contest – be it riders or audience – and wear a helmet. We don’t wanna see your blood – no helmet no ride. Not wearing a helmet limits you.


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