Lyrics, vocals, 'Adele': Whitney Avalon

Originally posted December 2011, when I said: I've been hoping that Adele's vocal cords heal completely so she can continue to grace us with her gorgeous odes to heartbreak, but in the meantime I shot this parody. It's my concept of what she must be thinking as she recovers from surgery, sad she is unable to complete her world tour this year. Get well soon, Adele!

Audio engineer: Ryan Leach Shot in Los Angeles, CA by: Jon Hill Instrumental track: SFly

Adele's original song and video:

This parody is for purely non-profit, non-commercial purposes, commenting directly on the artist without adverse effect. No ownership of the original music is implied. If it entertains you, I'm glad; if it doesn't float your boat, just turn it off. Thanks for watching!

I heard that my doctor said
That my throat is hurt and my tour is dead.
Why now, as my dreams come true?
Guess it's just bad luck I can't sing to you.

Oh, my cords are so scarred!
I still want success but this makes it hard.

I hate to turn up in the news uninvited
But I couldn't do my shows, I couldn't hide it.
I had hoped you'd see my face when I came to your city
And you'd buy my latest album.

Never mind, you'll find it on iTunes
While they laser off my soft tissue
Don't forget me, I beg
All my specialists said,
"Only this surgery will make your voice strong again,
You will emerge to share your tear-jerking songs again."

All my fans are in a rage
Only yesterday I was belting on stage
Now I'm sad and dazed
In a worried haze
Forced to be silent as the music plays

I hate to turn up in the news uninvited
But they talked to my surgeon, I couldn't fight it
I had hoped I could perform on all the late-night talk shows
So you'd buy my latest single

Never mind, you'll find it on iTunes
Another ode to heartbreak that I crooned
Don't forget me, I pray
Oh I hope that you'll say,
"Sometimes we lose interest but we'll stick by you Adele."

Never mind, you'll find me on iTunes
Until I can sing again for you
Don't forget me, I beg
Just remember I said,
"Some people download songs but you should buy mine instead,
I'll bring you brand new songs about this in 2012."

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