With the concept of symbiosis, single elements will be used to interweave with other units to construct a living body of machinery, light and shadow.


Exhibition website: d-p.cc/dynamiclivings
Work website: d-p.cc/mutualsymphony (coming soon)

"Mutual Symphony" is one of the art work exhibits at "Dynamic Livings", K11 Hong Kong.

"共生交響" 是 “動.態.生” 展覽其中一件作品,於香港K11展出。

Curated and Created by Dimension+, Presented by K11, Hong Kong.

Credits: (line-up by surname in alphabetical order)
Eric Chiu, Terry Hsu, Keith Lam, Kevin Lau, Chris Lee, Afra Lin, Michelle Ngai, Cynric Ng, Sandra Tong, Escher Tsai, Bright Tzeng, Sum Lee, Kiu Po, MissBean(Photography)

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