A stop motion clip from Jaganath produkcija(jaganathprodukcija.com).
It took us:
-a few years for geting sequences of the tricks.
-a few photographers, did their best
(Peter Fetih, Jani Kukec, Jan Beguš, Gregor Zadravec)
A few skateboarders did their best(Tomaž praunseis, Rok Dragan and Luka Pen)
-a month to print and CUT-out all the photos.
-a few days to put photos frame by frame in the workshop of Cestnik.

BIG THX Benjamin Kreže for helping me with the animation, Vegan (frameskateboards.com) for sending me our photos, Silvo the worker for acting:), DDT for lights.
Mice put the lights on , mice SK8, mice kill the lights.
And clip is here for you to watch my friends. Love to you all.

more about our work here:

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