Filmed on Chole Island, Tanzania, SolarAid's latest film tells the story of Sele.
Sele has woken up in a new era... the solar era.

A very musical promo about SolarAid's big, audacious, almost impossible goal of replacing every kerosene lamp in Africa with an affordable, sustainable, safe alternative by the end of the decade.

The film shows a day in the life of an 11 year old boy named Sele who lives on a very remote island, on the day he gets a solar light. The lights are being distributed through the school network. The light Sele's parents bought so he could study at night will significantly change all their lives, leaving them with more money and fewer health problems.

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Made by in collaboration with Ralph Greenland @SolarAid

Music by Grzegorz Majcherczyk, Heroica

Music by Juanitos, Soul Walking

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