Fire & Water
Don "Gums" Eichin, from Long Island NY was 1 of a handfull of pioneering surfers in the late 1950's and 60's that set out to make a life in Hawaii. Testing their wits in the big waves of Oahu's Bonzai Pipeline, Wiamea & other imfamous waves with some of the greatest named legends of the time. He later became an FDNY Firefighter. His story is no less then that of legend. His passion for surfing, the ocean & amazing stories have passed through the generations of his own family and their friends as they were so influenced by him that they too became surfers and FDNY Firemen.
This is a very unique film surrounded by family Friends in an important lost surfing tale that is still being written today as Don's sons, Eric & Randy follow in Don's footsteps with good friends Brian Walsh & Casey Skudin. Its an eye opening look at how New York has always been there and how they gained respect umungst power surfers from all over the world.
By the Creator, Writer & Director, Thomas Brookins of the award winning "Shadows of the Same Sun", And Producer James Baker. Its yet another attachment to NY and surfings history. With astounding lost images, Interviews & Surfing by Rob Machado, Kassia Meador, Mikey Detemple, Rochelle Ballard & more. This documentary pays its respect to the bravest people on Earth. Its a tale not just about Heros, Its about Heros surfing with Heros.
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